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The North Heaton Ward in Newcastle.

North Heaton Ward came into existence in 2004 following Boundary changes to wards within the City of Newcastle. It was formed from parts of the former Dene and Heaton Wards and sits alongside North Tyneside Borough. It runs along both sides of the Coast Road (the A1058) and is bounded to the north by Dene, on the South by South Heaton and to the West by South Jesmond Wards. It has about 4400 properties and some 8000 residents.
North Heaton has a mixture of housing, the Garden estate is mostly bungalows, Cochrane Park & St Gabriel’s and the Southlands area are popular estates of semi- detached properties, High Heaton Estate is mainly social housing, clustered around the mains shopping areas of Chillingham Rd we have Edwardian terraced properties, while the Jesmond Park area has some larger detached housing and flats.

The area is popular with families, with a scattering of properties popular with young renters and students. It is well served by buses and main roads, and only takes about 15 minutes to travel into the centre of town. There are several parks e.g. Paddy Freemans, Armstrong Park and Iris Brickfield within walking access for leisure and greenery. The area is served by 4 local primary schools which are well thought of and 3 main secondary schools for the over 11s. There are also several private nurseries and play groups plus a children’s centre in the Woodlands Building. The area also has a modern Library, which offers a selection of extra mural courses, and it is well supplied with Health Centres and Dentists.

Because of the location, and closeness to town and the main Hospitals, many residents work at the Universities or within NHS provision, or the nearby Government Ministry buildings

Local Liberal Democrat Councillors Greg Stone and Doreen Huddart have represented the area for 17 and 13 years respectively, and work hard to represent their residents and speak up for the area.

This is the boundary

North Heaton Polling Districts 2015

North Heaton Polling Districts 2015













To view the North Heaton Polling Districts 2015 on the newcastle.gov.uk site
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