FOCUS Action File – Resident survey responses

Chillingham Road litter petition & plantersDOREEN and GREG regularly conduct resident surveys in the different neighbourhoods which make up North Heaton ward, helping us to keep in touch with local concerns and press the council for action in response. We are grateful to residents who responded to our recent surveys on the High Heaton estate, St Gabriels, and Cochrane Park, which identified several issues where residents feel action is required.

● Many continue to be concerned at litter on Chillingham Road- Your local Lib Dem Councillors have raised this issue on several occasions, and have submitted petitions signed by dozens of residents to the Labour-run City Council to be told – NO ADDITIONAL ACTION PLANNED ON STREET CLEANING

● A significant increase in dog fouling on our streets, parks and green spaces. We have asked for more enforcement by the Dog Warden and Environmental Health team. We have also asked for the purchase of a specialist machine to remove and clean up dog mess. NO ACTION YET FORTHCOMING FROM COUNCIL

● Traffic congestion in and around the Coast Road junctions especially at rush hours is a growing problem. Doreen and Greg have repeatedly raised this with planners to ensure this part of the city gets a fair share of funds to improve junctions – the council’s plans only cover the north and west of the city. We will continue to press for improving the junction of Red Hall Drive and Benfield Rd with the Coast Rd. – LOBBYING CONTINUING

● Parking congestion on the High Heaton estate remains a problem – it is the only area near the Freeman and Ministry which does not have a resident parking scheme. We presented a petition to the council recently asking for a new zone – HIGHWAYS NOW REASSESSING THE AREA

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