Let’s Stay Together: Boundary Review

Heaton Ward Boundary ReviewIn the last FOCUS we reported on the boundary review which will redraw council ward boundaries in 2018. We backed restoring a Heaton ward south of the Coast Road. However, our well-thought out proposal for a High Heaton & Cochrane Park ward keeping Jesmond Park West area, High Heaton estate, Cochrane Park and Haydon Grange together, which was recognised by the council as a viable option, was rejected by Labour councillors on the council constitutional committee.

They have backed an alternative scheme which detaches the Jesmond Park West / Denewell area and puts it in with South Gosforth, and a bizarre zig-zag boundary which splits Newton Road, Benton Road, and Benton Park Road. We will fight this illogical and unhelpful Labour proposal and we will be seeking support from local residents and community groups for our alternative proposal which does far more to keep communities together.

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